Client 1 
"This coaching was the perfect introduction to a style of eating based on plants and not on animals. Personally, I thought it would be super difficult because I am very used to consuming animal protein and because I had tried before without success but Ana made it easier than I thought! Being an athlete, it was difficult for me to think how I would be able to follow this lifestyle. It's been two months since I started it and I've remained a vegetarian after finishing the vegan plan. I must say that my energy has improved and my joint pains too! I will definitely keep trying with the hope of eventually becoming totally vegan! 100% recommended.
- Maria Isabella Perez Condassin, Panama (tae Beat coach, athlete)

Client 2
"As I grow older and in search for needed guidance in my lifestyle habits health-wise, I thought about no other than Ana to help me build a solid strategy aligned with my main objective: find a coherent, organic and appealing method to improve my healthy food intake. And by healthy I mean the leafy greens, the beans, the seeds, fruits, the nutrient-dense produce available in the supermarkets. I'm not vegan but I instinctively knew that greens were the key and that she would be a great asset, a mentor, to initiate my well-thought healthy lifestyle path. After creating a 3-weeks vegan meal plan and taking her time to educate me about my healthy greens and such, I was able to see results within those 3 weeks, following a gym routine of 4-5 days a week. I felt energized, awake, gained muscles and lost body fat. Her insight, passion and constantly evolving self-education as a plant based nutrition coach made me trust her 100%, and I'll always be grateful.
-Jirac Caro, Panama

Client 3
My experience with Ana Victorias’s nutrition programs has been an eye opening experience, aside of the wonderful health improvements I have noticed (and my doctor) so far of course. I suffered from rosacea, a skin condition, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and insulin resistance. Since I left meat and dairy out of my diet, as my coach Ana instructed me, all this symptoms have diminished. I admit, I fell of the wagon a few times regarding cheese (evil casomorphins), but being able to have Ana’s encouragement always helped me get back on track. Even just remembering the story of her journey that led her to this lifestyle is compelling and inspiring. But most of all, what makes me don’t want to fall off again is being aware of the cruelty this animals endure their entire life without any hope of being rescued. That breaks my heart. All this info was given by Ana in her eye opening intro presentation, in order to understand the “Why’s “ of this process to the best lifestyle we could have and can achieve. Her programs have a well balanced diet instructions, depending on her clients needs, and a very complete section of information so you can be on your own afterwards.Finally, I would like to say that I wholeheartedly recommend Ana and her services, to anyone who wishes to live a full life without being held back by the crippling and preventable deseases we get because of “a taste” we say we can’t live without. But not surprisingly be can and we thrive. Thank you.
- Maria Gabriela Weibel-Vaccaro, Switzerland

Client 4 
"Working with Ana Victoria was an excellent experience. She is professional, genuine and always willing to answer questions. My biggest challenge was to be able to confront my relatives because they are all doctors and questioned the vegan diet. - Ana gave me many recommendations about books, websites and YouTube videos that are based on scientific evidence in order to educate myself and my family in the best way. Probably what I liked most about working with Ana, is that the last session gives you tools so you can continue learning about healthy vegan eating after you are done with her coaching.All the recommendations are sustainable, practical and adapted to your personal tastes. If you have been considering trying the vegan diet or making the final change, do not hesitate to work with Ana Victoria to ensure that the change is healthy, sustainable and positive."
- The client has requested to remain anonymous

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